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Sun-Dried Tomato Artichoke Flatbread


 This Sun-Dried Tomato Artichoke Pizza was quite the treat! I just love making pizza. These pre-made pizza flatbread crusts make for the easiest quick and delicious dinner, lunch, or appetizer ever! I love that these flatbreads feel slightly elegant and fancy, but yet are so simple to make.Β  Lately, I […]


Raspberry Cream French Toast Roll-Ups


 My little household LOVES breakfast. We love waffles, pancakes, biscuits, pastries, donuts, anddd french toast! When I was pregnant with my boys I became obsessed with french toast, and apparently the craving just never left me. Griffin especially is always asking for french toast… This morning I was feeling like […]


The Perfect Sugar Cookie


 Very rarely do I find a recipe that just beats all others. But THIS ONE IS IT! I have been using this perfect sugar cookie recipe for a few years now because it just is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.  It is a NO CHILL recipe. Major win. Because who has time to […]

Dinners, Soups

“Biscuit Love” Chicken Pot Pie


 I’m calling this delicious dish Biscuit Love Chicken Pot Pie because well it just fits. πŸ˜‰ I started off with the intent of making Chicken Pot Pie Soup, but then I saw this can of biscuits in my fridge staring at me and I could just smell them. Mmmm… Something […]

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Homemade”Fat” Mac-n-Cheese


 This was one of my favorites growing up. My sisters and I called it homemade “Fat Mac-n-Cheese”. I think we called it Fat Mac-n-Cheese because of the “fat” noodles. It must be made with these medium size shells – it cannot be elbows, or penne, or bowtie. Absolutely not. πŸ˜‰ […]

Free Printables

Pasta Counting Free Printable


 This little printable is a perfectly simple project for your little ones to do while you’re making some yummy mac-n-cheese! I’m always looking for simple ways to get the kids more involved while I’m cooking… this Pasta Counting Free Printable worked perfectly!  Cut out the items. Match them up with […]

Free Printables

Eat the Rainbow Free Printable


  Use this example to guide your children to fill this rainbow with colorful and nutritious foods.  Use this printable as a tool to help teach your little ones about all of the different vitamins and minerals different foods contain.  Eating a variety of colors in your diet will help your body get […]